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Triclamp sanitary gaskets of Silicone, EPDM, Viton rubber and PTFE are use in on-line connections, joints for sealing applications and continuity of the systems. Features: Gaskets are non-toxic, biologically inert and complies to FDA CFR177.2600 USP Class VI, requirements.

(1) Range includes size: ½" to 8" & above.
(2) Custom/tailor made to meet specific individual functional requirements.
Special TC gasket of silicone rubber sand witched in between PTFE Flange for better sealing and critical applications where only PTFE is viable, are designed for end-use.
Other range includes:

Silicone Rubber products-
Sterilizer/Autoclave gaskets, O-ring, transparent tubing, sheet, seals, sponge rubber cords, FBD, DHS, Filter gaskets, inflatable seals, D-type, P-type, T-type, H-type seals, stoppers, bungs, hoses etc.

PTFE Products :
O-ring, seals, tubings, washer, sheet, bellows, Silicone/Viton Rubber Enveloped PTFE O-rings, hoses.

Pharmaceuticals, chemicals, Breweries, soft drink, dairy, Distilleries & processing plants etc.

Triclamp Sanitary Gaskets Triclamp Sanitary Gaskets



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